Our 2017 Fall Show is featuring leading coin and stamp dealers from across Canada, who will be selling and buying all things  numismatic and philatelic. Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

ALLIANCE COIN & BANKNOTE Sean Isaacs / 613-256-6785 / sean@alliancecoin.com

Based in Almonte, Ont., Sean Isaacs has been in the numismatic business since 1988. He first established his own company, Alliance Coin & Banknote, in 2000. A past contributor to the Standard Catalog of World Coins as well as the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Isaacs specializes in world coins and has handled millions of coins from hundreds of issue countries, territories and states. His coin-hunting travels have taken him to five of the world’s continents, and he personally enjoys collecting love tokens, interesting historical silver coins, and the coinage of Indonesia and the colonial East Indies. He is delighted to be bringing to the Fall National Postage Stamp and Coin Show a fresh new inventory of modern world coins sets from more than 100 diverse countries. 

AMIS STAMPS & COINS • Alex Issajenko / 416-533-5363 / amisstamps@gmail.com

Alex Issajenko is the owner of Amis Stamps and Coins, which is located on Dundas Street West in downtown Toronto. Regular business hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Issajenko began collecting stamps at an early age before becoming interested in world coins and their histories. In 1978, this passion led him to open his first storefront, which continues to offer a relaxed, hands-on hobby experience to this day. For more than 39 years and through four store locations (all in Toronto’s High Park area), Issajenko has amassed an extensive inventory of world stamps, coins, paper money, covers and other interesting collectibles. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, he will be bringing a large inventory of world stamps – focusing on British Commonwealth, China and Eastern Europe (Russia) – as well as a wide range of world coins.

ANDY GRECCO • Andy Grecco / 905-227-3534 / 905-931-4632

Andy Grecco doesn’t describe himself as a dealer but instead as a long-time collector; however, he is a member of the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers and is a fixture on show bourses in his home province of Ontario. He’s also involved in organizing the annual Niagara Falls Coin Club Show, which is held each November in Niagara Falls, Ont.

AUCTION NETWORK Ryan Fleishman • 905-474-9743 • rfleishman@auctionnetwork.ca

Auction Network conducts live and online auction sales every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. With more than 40 years in the industry, Auction Network allows collectors to bid in confidence with its family of professional auctioneers. A typical sale will have up to 1,000 items, including but not limited to coins, currency, silver and gold bullion, stamps, artwork, jewelry and collectibles. “We look forward to seeing you in person or online at auctionnetwork.ca.” 

FRANK HOYLES • Frank Hoyles / 519-676-8925 / fhoyles@southkent.net

This year marks 27 years in business for Blenheim, Ont.’s Frank Hoyles, who carries stamps, covers and postcards. Nearly three decades ago, early in his career as a dealer, Hoyles’ stock included four shoeboxes filled with postcards. This October in Mississauga, Hoyles will have what’s now his typical load, which includes about 100 boxes with “a full range” of material. “There will be thousands of newly acquired worldwide stamps in 102’s as well as lots of new postcards and the usual new boxes of Canada and foreign covers,” he said. “We are looking forward to the show.” 

CANADA STAMP FINDER • Maxime Herold / 877-412-3106 / canadastampfinder@gmail.com

Maxime Herold, owner of Canada Stamp Finder, has been dealing stamps for more than 30 years. What began as a part-time job in college has grown to become a full-time business, which specializes in “putting buyers and sellers together,” said Herold. “I try to get them what they would get at auction but with more of a guaranteed price since I’m selling direct.” At the upcoming show in Mississauga, she will have a large collection of mint never hinged Canadian plate blocks as well as a U.S. revenue collection; a U.S. Confederate state collection; and other rarities.

CANADIAN-STAMPSStephan Bilodeau / 819-360-0758 / canadian-stamps@xittel.ca

Ottawa’s Stephan Bilodeau is the owner of Canadian-Stamps, which specializes in Canadian mint never hinged stamps and covers ranging from the classics to modern material. “Many of you may know me as the new young guy,” he said, although he has more than 15 years of experience as a dealer and has helped thousands of collectors acquire the material they need. “We offer a large stock of worldwide stamps, first-day covers, postcards, stationery and much more. We always have very nice, diverse and fresh new material in each and every month.” A member and director of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association as well as a member of many philatelic clubs, Bilodeau participates in more than 20 stamp shows a year. He’s also the auction director of the Amicale des philatélistes de l’Outaouais. A former employee of Library and Archives Canada as well as the Canadian Museum of History, he has been collecting for more than 30 years. “We provide collectors with a complete philatelic service regardless of their collecting interest or need,” he said, adding his regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

CAMPBELL’S COLLECTABLES • Terry Campbell / 778-883-5909 / prdcdn1@yahoo.ca

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Terry Campbell’s business, Campbell’s Collectables, which he established in 1992. His areas of specialty include world coins and paper money with a “slight focus” on Canadian material. Campbell was also the author of CCN’s extensive “Question and Answer” column for 22 years between January 1989 and December 2010. As an avid collector for more than 50 years, Campbell’s personal collection includes coins, paper money and tokens with a special interest in British Commonwealth material.

CCN, CSN & CSSMike Walsh / 905-646-4820 / mwalsh@trajan.ca

Canadian Coin News (CCN) and  Canadian Stamp News (CSN) are Canada’s go-to magazines for all things numismatic and philatelic. CCN was launched in 1963 followed by CSN in 1976. Published bi-weekly, the two magazines have a very large Canadian audience plus U.S. and foreign members. CCN and CSN also have a very strong online following, thanks to Trajan’s commitment of being the essential resource for the advanced and beginner collector. In 2015, Trajan launched www.coinstampsupplies.com (CSS) which offers CCN and CSN subscribers a convenient option to purchase their coin and stamp supplies at a 15 per cent discount, plus other benefits. Trajan is also the host of the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show.

CERTIFIED COINS OF CANADA • Michael Findlay / 705-423-1140 / ccdn@bconnex.net

Angus, Ont.’s Michael Findlay has been a full-time coin dealer since 1979. He buys and sells Canadian, U.S. and world coins; banknotes; tokens and medals; and militaria. Recently named the editors of CCN Trends, Findlay is also the founder and publisher of the Canadian Coin Dealer Newsletter. In general, Findlay deals in coins and banknotes; however, he tends to carry an eclectic inventory at shows and has “a special affinity” for world banknotes. Unfortunately, the card money from the previous National Postage Stamp and Coin Show is gone, as is the rare 1753 French regime “Ordonnance” and the 1814 army bill; however, he’s currently offering a 1935 Large Seal $20 in EF, a Choice AU 1935 $25 and a Choice EF 1898 $1 note as well a selection of rare and choice chartered banknotes. “But who knows what will turn up by the time of the show!”

CITADEL COINSGerard Feehan / 902-492-0130 / citadelcoins@eastlink.ca

Citadel Coins is owned by Gerard Feehan, of Halifax, N.S. In business for nearly 25 years, Feehan specializes in Canadian decimal coins and paper money; Royal Canadian Mint products; gold and silver bullion; and jewelry. At the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show this October, he will be bringing his stock of Canadian decimal coins and banknotes as well as a series counterstruck coins designed by store manager Martin Phillips. A “small quantity” of counterstruck 1967 silver dollars, now featuring a Canada 150 design, will be available at the show. Counterstruck pennies commemorating the Halifax Explosion and the Battle of Vimy Ridge will also be available.

CITY STAMP MONTREALRobert Cooperman / 1-800-615-2596 / info@citystamp.ca

Robert Cooperman, founder of Montreal’s City Stamp, has been in business for more than 35 years. His area of expertise is Canada and British North America, and City Stamp specializes in stamps for “advanced collectors and investors,” especially of early Canadian rarities. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, Cooperman will have “many valuable collections” from various countries around the world.

THE COIN COLLECTOR Nick Cowan / 647-222-9995 / sales@thecoincollector.ca

Ontario’s Nick Cowan is a long-time collector and dealer as well as a past president of the North York Coin Club and the Etobicoke Mississauga Coin and Collectables Club. This year marks his 18th year in business as The Coin Collector, which specializes in Canadian decimal coinage; Canadian paper money; silver bullion; and Canadian Maritime provincial coinage. He also has some “nice” certified 1858 Maritime/Canada coins and has now added a selection of tokens. Lastly, he has some old railroad notes and will bring the Van Horne passes that were featured in CCN last year.

COLONIAL ACRESTodd Sandham / 1-888-255-4565 / info@colonialacres.com

Todd Sandham, co-owner of Kitchener’s Colonial Acres, has been collecting since 1991, when he began attending the Waterloo Coin Society’s monthly meetings. What began as a hobby and then a part-time job in high school has since become a full-time job. Fellow co-owner Kirk Parsons began working at the store around 2004, when he graduated. Colonial Acres, which will have three tables at the upcoming show in Mississauga, specializes in Canadian decimal coins, paper money and Royal Canadian Mint products. “We will be bringing all of our Canadian decimal, paper money and world coins, including some scarcer Royal Canadian Mint products that are sold out at the Mint,” said Sandham. “Our next premier auction is in November, so we will be showcasing all of the items that will be in this auction including some nice chartered notes and key date Canadian decimal.”

THE CONNOISSEUR • John Brown / 705-692-3995 / petrinalawriebrown2@hotmail.ca

The Connoisseur, based in Naughton, Ont., is owned by John Brown, who doesn’t specialize in one particular area. Instead, he describes himself as “a huge history buff,” adding the history of coinage is “amazing.” As always, at the upcoming show in Mississauga, Brown will bring a wide variety of coinage, medallions and medals. “We will be bringing a large variety of coins with mint errors and low mintage,” said Brown.

COVERNUTZ • George Kaltenecker / 416-420-4540 / covernutz2@gmail.com

George Kaltenecker, of Etobicoke, Ont., established Covernutz five years ago. He returned to the hobby in his 30s with a special interest in postal history and postcards. “The interest in postcards all started because my dad was a part-time stamp dealer for 30-plus years, and as a kid at the shows, I would help him out. He would give me a box of postcards and I would keep whatever I sold. The interest in postal history came along with that.” Kaltenecker specializes in Canada and worldwide material. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, he will have a “pretty extensive collection” of covers and postcards for sale.

COVERS-ONLY • Peter Lim Swee Beng / 416-417-1807 / cyberstamps@hotmail.com

Toronto’s Peter Lim Swee Beng established Covers-Only in 2010, although he has been collecting for the past 15 years. A second-generation collector and dealer, Beng specializes in covers of Imperial China as well as worldwide stamps, cancellations and postmarks. A “very close friend” – himself a long-time Toronto dealer – sparked Beng’s interest in the hobby at a young age. From there, he gained knowledge on worldwide covers and postal history from the late Dr. John Nunes Nook, owner of Nunes Nook, who died Jan. 16, 2011, while attending Unipex in Toronto. “I would like to say thank you,” Beng added.

GEOFFREY BELL AUCTIONS • Geoffrey Bell / 506-647-7725 / info@gbellauctions.com

With the vision to create a Canadian numismatic auction house that not only delivers the results clients deserve but also provide much-needed integrity and transparency, Geoffrey Bell Auctions emerged in 2008, growing to become Canada’s premier numismatic auction firm. Implementing the innovation that gave Geoff Bell and his son, Brian, success for more than 30 years with their retail store – The Coin Cabinet in Moncton, N.B. – they’ve worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of Canada’s numismatic community. That trust, along with the education and growth of our hobby, is just as important to them as their bottom line. Their tables at the show in Mississauga will feature a wide selection of quality material for every level of collector, plus they will have some highlights from their Moncton Sale, which takes place Nov. 25. Stop by their tables and say hello.

LES TIMBRES H.P.K. STAMPS MONTREAL Angelo Komatsoulis / 514-333-9524 / angelokomatsoulis@hotmail.com

Angelo Komatsoulis, owner of Les Timbres H.P.K. Stamps Montreal, has dabbled in buying and selling stamps on a part-time basis since 1972. By 1983, he became a full-time dealer after purchasing Reisz Stamp Company with a storefront in Montreal. After selling the building and part of his inventory in 2008, Komatsoulis now concentrates on about eight stamp shows in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa each year. “We deal in worldwide material from classical to recent stamps,” he said. “We have a new issues service that many of our clients use for single stamps, blocks, souvenir sheets or topicals according to their collecting interest. At the upcoming National Postage Stamp and Coin Show, we are bringing new stock of China (Imperial China, Republic of China and People’s Republic of China), new stock of German Colonies, Italian Colonies, French Polynesia, Ethiopia and as always interesting material from Greece.”

HUGH ANDERSON • Hugh Anderson / 905-842-2143 / choochoo@istar.ca

Oakville’s Hugh Anderson has been in business since 1967 – that’s half a century – and he specializes in worldwide topical stamps, including trains (for which a 108-page price list is available), scouts, birds, butterflies, transportation, and royalty, among others. Another strength is his classic Canada and British North America, of which he focuses on the highly valued early issues with quality ranging from Very Fine to Superb. He will also bring a large selection of British Commonwealth countries, including Great Britain; the Channel Islands; British Africa; British Europe; South Pacific; and the Caribbean. “I’m going to bring everything I have to the show,” he said, adding he will also have philatelic supplies, literature, and catalogues for sale.

HUGO DESHAYE (PHILATELIST) INC. • Hugo Deshaye / 418-655-4132 / hdphil@videotron.ca

Huge Deshaye, of Québec city, is the owner of Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Inc., which specializes in Canadian postal history such as covers, old correspondences, postcards, stationery, stamps, documents, vintage photography and personal archives. Deshaye was recently appointed to a one-year term as director of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada at this year’s convention in Boucherville, Que. He’s also the British North America Philatelic Society social media officer. What’s more, Deshaye is a member and director of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association and vice-president of the Postal History Society of Quebec. He has been a collector for more than 30 years and a dealer for 25 years. He personally collects prohibited mail dating from the 1880s to the 1930s.

GARVEY & SONS • Les Garvey / 780-424-2520 / info@garveyandsons.com

This October marks Les Garvey’s 41st anniversary as a philatelic dealer. Garvey and Sons carries “a very general stock” comprised of Canada, British Commonwealth, and worldwide material. “It’s always changing because we’re buying collections back from collectors who started with my father back in the ‘60s.” said Garvey, of Edmonton. “It has gone so full circle.” Among the material being brought to the show in Mississauga is an 1857 7.5-pence Queen Victoria stamp (Scott #9a) in Fine/Very Fine with a catalogue value of $3,750.

JAMES McKENZIE • James McKenzie / 905-726-4322 / mckenzie10@sympatico.ca

Aurora, Ont.’s James McKenzie has been in business for 30 years. For 20 of those years, he specialized in Great Britain – “particularly the earlier stuff, the line-engraved stuff” – as well as Penny Reds. “I still stock those, but I now have a huge stock of Canada, the U.S., and worldwide, in particular British Commonwealth. My stock is just about the best you’d find. It’s exceedingly comprehensive,” he said, adding he has a stock of “60,000 102 cards from literally everywhere.”

JEFF FOURNIER • Jeff Fournier / 705-491-1735 / jfournier14@gmail.com

CCN Consulting Editor and long-time numismatist Jeff Fournier has been collecting for about 46 years after he began dealing part-time around 1990. His specialties include Canadian contemporary medals, including coin club medals, centennial medals and municipal medals, as well as Canadian municipal trade currency and tokens. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, Fournier will be bringing along “thousands of pieces of this type to the show,” including “many scarce silver medals issued by Canadian coin clubs, some rare Torex silver medals as well and some scarce municipal tokens and medals.” He will also have plenty of common material for children and beginning collectors. He was a founding member and the first newsletter editor of the Northern Ontario Numismatic Association; a founding member, past president and membership/publicity director of the Nipissing Coin Club; past president and newsletter editor of the Nickel Belt Coin Club in Sudbury; and a founding member, past president and newsletter editor of the Canadian Centennial Collector’s Club.

KLAUS BAUMFELD • Klaus Baumfeld / 416-896-4499 / kbaumfeld@yahoo.ca

Klaus Baumfeld, of Alliston, Ont., has been collecting for more than 10 years and specializes strictly in the stamps of Germany. He has been dealing on eBay for about eight years under the username “kbmatura” (ebay.com/usr/kbmatura). “I’m from Berlin, Germany, and I inherited a collection from my father,” he said. “I didn’t look at it for the longest time, but my father-in-law was a collector, and once we got together, I decided to do it.” Baumfeld also noted he doesn’t use the Scott system but prefers the Michel catalogue, which is the largest and best-known philatelic catalogue in the German-speaking world.

LA TIMBRATHEQUE ENR. • Patrick Chalifoux / 450-223-0082 / timbratheque@videotron.ca

Patrick Chalifoux, of Sainte-Julie, Qué., has more than 30 years’ experience as a stamp dealer. He began collecting in 1976, and less than a decade later he started dealing part time. He has been a full-time dealer since 2004 and specializes in Canada and its provinces; France; Monaco; India; and Russia, although the long-time dealer added he has countries from around the world in stock. Chalifoux said he plans to bring most of his inventory to the upcoming National Postage Stamp and Coin Show this October.

LEWIS OF OTTAWA • Bill Roderick / 613-769-8658 / lewisstamp@yahoo.com

Bill Roderick, of Ottawa, Ont., has been in business for 56 years. As a long-time philatelic dealer, he specializes in Canada, Great Britain and the British Colonies. “People know me, and they know what I’ve got. I’ve been doing it long enough,” said Roderick, who will have his usual inventory at the upcoming National Postage Stamp and Coin Show in Mississauga.

LIGHTHOUSE CANADA • Philippe Laperle / 514-954-3617 / info@lighthousecanada.ca

This year marks Lighthouse’s 100th anniversary as well as its 45th year distributing hobby supplies in Canada. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, Lighthouse will be featuring some new products. “The new Vista series of 14 albums is now available, and we will also present our Grande Canada binder for the 150 years of Canada,” said general manager Philippe Laperle.

LIGHTHOUSE NUMISMATICS • Greg Jones / 902-452-8131 / the1936dot@hotmail.com

Greg Jones, owner of Lighthouse Numismatics, will be at table #77 at the upcoming show in Mississauga.

LONDINIUM COINS • Gary Miller / 416-953-2465 / romancoins@rogers.com

Toronto’s Gary Miller has been in business since 2007, when he revived Londinium Coins, which was established by his father in 1969. “I grew up in this business,” Miller said. He specializes in “everything but Canadian decimal,” including world coins and banknotes, historical medals, ancient coins and military medals and collectables. At the upcoming show in Mississauga, Miller will, as always, “mix it up” with his inventory, which will include a selection of European thalers. “I’m going to bring a nice, new collection of Greek silver, and I probably have the largest stock of British coins in Canada, from hammered coins to modern English coins. And I’ll also bring a good selection of historical medals, many from the Maritime provinces.”

LONGLEY AUCTIONSBill Longley / 905-690-3598 / bill@longleyauctions.com

Waterdown, Ont.’s Bill Longley has been in business as Longley Auctions for 17 years and specializes in Canadian stamps, postal history and worldwide. “My strength is postal history because that’s what I do,” said Longley, who began collecting at age 10 – 40 years ago – and started with postal history about 10 years later. As a dealer, he focuses on early Canada, particularly “unusual, better items.” As a collector, he has many Canadian postal history collections, including stampless covers as well as post office publications and documents. He has also exhibited Uruguay and won a Grand Award at the national level in Toronto, and a Large Vermeil internationally in Spain.

MADDY’S PHILATELIC SERVICE Maddy and Ed Yonelinas / 905-262-5127 / mastamps@computan.com

Maddy’s Philatelic Service was established in 1977 – 40 years ago – and has been serving customers in the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara peninsula ever since. They specialize in stamps of the British Colonies; Canada; Germany; and other parts of Europe. Part-owner Ed Yonelinas, who inherited a cousin’s stamp album at the age of nine and has been collecting every since, said they will have a “good selection” of material to meet the needs of collectors at the show this October. Maddy Yonelinas, who also works for the business, is the other co-owner.

MEDALLION STAMPS • Rick Day / 905-319-2920 / medallionstamps@cogeco.ca

Burlington, Ont.’s Rick Day is a long-time philatelic dealer and owner of Medallion Stamps, which he established in 1979. Day, who’s also president of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association (CSDA), specializes in U.S. stamps but also carries a good stock of modern Canada, coils, booklets, souvenir sheets and older town cancels.

METRO COIN & BANKNOTEJared Stapleton / 416-604-9410 / metrocbc@gmail.com

Jared Stapleton established Metro Coin and Banknote four years ago following a lifelong interest in collecting. “I have been collecting my whole life,” he said, adding his interest was piqued at a young age with coins, but eventually “drifted to banknotes,” which is his main interest now. “I collect rare Chartered banknotes or error notes. I like the artwork, and every banknote is unique by the serial number.” Metro Coin and Banknote specializes in Canadian and worldwide coins and banknotes. Stapleton is the past president of the Canadian Paper Money Society and currently sits on the pricing panel for the Charlton Standard Catalogue for Canadian Government Paper Money. He’s also the owner of the long-running Toronto Coin Expo, which is held every spring and fall at the Toronto Reference Library.

MIKE’S COINS • Mike Wilson / 1-506-866-6468 / mbdieppe@nbnet.nb.ca

Moncton’s Mike Wilson worked as the manager of a local coin shop for 30 years, from 1986 until 2015, at which point he semi-retired and started Mike’s Coins. “I sell on e-Bay and am at most of the major shows across Canada and some in the U.S. I specialize in Canadian, U.S. and world coins but always have a decent selection of banknotes and even a few tokens as well. I always have a nice selection of Canadian silver dollars, including five or six 1948 dollars, and world gold coins. I especially like the mid-priced collector coins in the $50-$1,500 range as I have always enjoyed interacting with collectors like myself. Retirement has made the hobby much more enjoyable as now I buy collections and always find a piece or two to add to my own collection. Drop by my table at the show and I am sure you will find something in your collecting interest.”

MACKEY PHILATELICS • Nigel Mackey / 289-685-0092 / nigelmackey346@outlook.com

In business since 1984, Nigel J. Mackey specializes in Canada, Great Britain and British Commonwealth stamps. He also offers general worldwide stamps as well as revenue stamps. A retired correctional officer, Mackey has been collecting stamps since 1967 with significant interest in Canada, Great Britain and anything related to prisons and the criminal justice system. Mackey is a member of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association; Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC); and American Philatelic Association. Mackey’s “Crime and Punishment” exhibit featuring stamps and covers showing criminals, crimes, courts and jails earned him a silver medal at the 2015 RPSC Convention. Since then, he’s been working on expanding and enhancing that exhibit for future exhibitions.

PROOF POSITIVE COINS Sandy Campbell / 902-295-3007 / ppc_limited@hotmail.com

Baddeck, N.S.’s Sandy Campbell, owner of Proof Positive Coins, will be carrying high-end Canadian coins and paper money as well as collectable watches at the upcoming show in Mississauga.

MARESCH & SONPeter Maresch / 416-363-7777 / peter@maresh.com

Maresch and Son was incorporated in Toronto in 1942 by Dr. Richard Maresch and his son, Bill (although the firm was founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1924). They specialize in Canada and its provinces as well as British Commonwealth and worldwide material. And as Canada’s largest philatelic auction house, they will be seeking consignments for future sales at the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show this October. “If you have items you wish to consign or just want to say hello and put a face to a name, please stop by for a visit.”

ROD PAIGE • Rod Paige / 905-227-0176 / rpaige@sympatico.ca

Rod Paige is a long-time collector who, as an extension of his hobby, began dealing stamps and covers more than 10 years ago. He specializes in British Commonwealth and Great Britain, the latter of which piqued his personal collecting interests for many years. “That’s where I came from, Britain,” said Paige, who’s now a resident of Thorold, Ont. His stock at the upcoming show in Mississauga will feature stamps and covers from virtually all British Commonwealth countries, “from Antigua to Zululand,” he added. Paige is also the past vice president of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, for which he also serves on a number of committees.

ROY’S STAMPS • Roy Houtby / 905-934-8377 / roystamp@cogeco.ca

Next year will mark the 45th year in business for Roy’s Stamps, which was established by St. Catharines, Ont.’s Roy Houtby in 1973. His specialities include the stamps and postal history of Canada and the British Commonwealth. “We have the largest stock of Canadian FDCs in the world, so that’s certainly an emphasis. We also specialize in better Canadian mint, used and Canadian provinces.” At the fall show this October, Houtby will have a “tremendous amount of new everything, including postal history and semi-official airmail covers, which are very nice, as well as a number of hand-painted first-day covers, which are scarce, unique and sometimes valuable.” Houtby has organized St. Catharines’ Best Western Stamp Show since 1977 and the Ottawa Fall Stamp Fair for the past 14 years. He has also served as bourse chair for several national events, including Royal 2009 and BNAPEX 2015. He will also be the bourse chair for Royal 2018, which will be held June 22-24 in St. Catharines.

SELECT CURRENCY • Gary Fedora / 416-705-4068 / gwfedora@sympatico.ca

Georgetown, Ont.’s Gary Fedora, owner of Select Currency, has been in business for about 25 years and specializes in paper money and coins. He began collecting paper money in 1987, after which time he became interested in gold and silver before adding coinage to his collection about seven years ago. For the upcoming show in Mississauga, Fedora might bring some U.S. Morgan dollars, including some rare dates. “There’s always interest in that,” he said. Morgan dollars – named after their designer, George T. Morgan, an assistant engraver with the U.S. Mint – were struck from 1878-1904 and again in 1921.

TAYLOR STAMPS • Rob Taylor / 905-799-0103 / rob@taylorstamps.com

Brampton, Ont.’s Rob Taylor is the owner of Taylor Stamps, which specializes in Canada from the 1851-59 Pence and Cents issues to Large and Small Queens in booklets, panes and coils. Taylor, who’s a director with the West Toronto Stamp Club, is also interested in material of Great Britain, Australia and the U.S. He’s also a member of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada as well as the expertizing committee of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation.

TED’S COLLECTABLES Inc. • Ted Bailey / 866-747-2646 / tedscollectables@bellnet.ca

Paris, Ont.’s Ted Bailey, owner of Ted’s Collectables, has more than 50 years’ experience in the hobby. He buys, sells and appraises Canadian, U.S., and worldwide gold and silver coins as well as paper money. What’s more, Bailey is the former long-time owner and host dealer of the annual South Western Ontario Numismatics (SWON) coin and collectables show in Paris, Ont.

TRADERS GOLDCORP George Smith / 905-528-4284 / 905-536-7897 / tradersgoldcorp@sympatico.ca

George Smith, owner of Hamilton’s Traders Goldcorp, has been in business since 1972 – a total of 45 years. He’s always “aggressively buying” scrap gold and silver; bullion, gold and silver coins, paper money, estate jewelry, gemstones and fine watches. For the upcoming show in Mississauga, Smith will have a rare 1921 50-cent coin, which he estimates is worth upwards of $50,000, and a 1921 five-cent coin, which he estimates is worth about $8,500. In addition to Canadian coinage, Smith also deals in rare U.S. and British coins.

UNITRADE Susan Cartini / 416-242-5900 / unitrade@rogers.com

With more than 40 years in the hobby business, Unitrade is a major Canadian importer and distributor of stamp and coin supplies for several brands. Unitrade carries supplies such as albums, accessories, and publications globally. At the upcoming show this October, Unitrade will be bringing various coin and stamp supplies and will offer a show special on the MAX Binder and Stocksheet line. Unitrade is also hoping to release the 2018 edition of the Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps in time for the show.

VANCE AUCTIONS Vance & Chris Carmichael / 877-957-3364 / mail@vanceauctions.com

With experience from working in his father’s Toronto-area stamp store, Vance Carmichael ran his first mail auction in November 1972. It consisted of 348 lots on one page in Linn’s Stamp News. Since then, Vance Auctions has hosted more than 320 sales. What began as a “one-man show” now requires a staff of more than 15 full- and part-time employees to run seven auctions a year. Although their headquarters in Smithville, Ont. has expanded four times within the same building, the address has remained the same for more than four decades. At the Fall National Postage Stamp and Coin Show, Vance Auctions will be carrying a wide range of worldwide stamps and covers available for outright sale.

WILLIAM COATES PHILATELIST • Bill Coates / 289-668-0314 / canstamps@gmail.com

William Coates, owner of William Coates Philatelist, has been a collector since he was about seven years old. He began dealing part time in 1981, and the hobby became his full-time job by 1997. He specializes in the stamps and postal history of Canada and British North America. At the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show this October, Coates will have a “really nice selection of Canadian coils” as well as various examples of Canadian war tax stamps; postal history of both Canada and Newfoundland; and a wide range of Disney stamps. He’s a long-time member of several philatelic societies, including the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada, and is a member of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation expert committee.





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