Birth of an all-encompassing hobby network aimed at enhancing communication

Modern-day communication is key to the survival of both coin and stamp collecting in the modern day; in fact, some people believe the penchant for traditional methods of communication is costing both hobbies their vitality and visibility.

This pressing issue will be the focus of an April 8 seminar hosted by Trajan Media, publisher of Canadian Coin News and Canadian Stamp News and host of the biannual National Postage Stamp and Coin Show.

Trajan Media Managing Partner Mike Walsh and CCN Consulting Editor Jeff Fournier will spearhead the seminar at the upcoming National Postage Stamp and Coin Show, to be held April 7-8 in Mississauga, Ont. The duo will explain the goals of the emerging network and gather attendees’ input, the basis of which will set the direction for future meetings.

The seminar is aimed at people who are interested in networking with like-minded individuals to enhance their writing, communication and marketing skills for the betterment of both hobbies. It is open to anyone—no matter what interests they hold—and can include writers, photographers, public relations professionals, marketing and social media managers, community managers and more.

“One thing that we feel is always important is for clubs and organizations to promote the hobby every way possible, and this is an opportunity for individuals who write for their club newsletter or who are involved with the marketing of their club to get together with others and develop and share best practices with how to best promote the hobby to existing and new collectors,” said Walsh.

“As publishers of Canadian Coin News and Canadian Stamp News, we’re already connected with a large group of philatelic and numismatic writers, so we see this as an opportunity to reach out to that group, and beyond, to provide a network of people with one thing in common, and that’s writing about and marketing their hobby,” he said, although the new network will “go beyond just writing,” he added.

The goal is to hold seminars at each National Postage Stamp and Coin Show and other hobby conventions, including the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. The seminars will focus on how current collectors can promote their passion within the hobby as well as to new collectors; however, they will also explore other avenues of communication with media outside the hobby.

“This is an opportunity for us to look for the challenges our hobbies are currently facing—but also the opportunities—and through this network develop strategies to enhance the overall strength and visibility of our hobbies,” said Walsh, who added the network will not be limited to philatelists and numismatists.

“If there are writers and marketers involved in other hobbies, they certainly will be welcomed because the whole focus is providing a network of sharing best practices.”


Fournier said the organization is “all about communication in the broadest sense,” which can include promoters, marketers, speakers and presenters, designers, branders, photographers and more.

“It encompasses any way of communicating. It will be a group where the folks who are involved could be discussing writing techniques and bouncing some ideas off each other, but it’s also for marketing ideas for your club—or even your business, if you’re a dealer.”

Fournier reiterated the need for strong, impactful communication across all media to people within the hobby as well as outside the hobby.

“It’s about getting the word out about the hobby to everyone. It’s all-encompassing and will bring a number of disciplines together. Some people will be writers, others will have an expertise in videos, some in marketing and some in presenting.”

He said the hobby is “lacking cohesiveness” among all the aforementioned disciplines, adding they need to “band together and share our ideas, thoughts and knowledge.”

“Once we have a good thing going, there’s no need for people to reinvent the wheel. I think it’s about making efficient use of our time and resources to get the message out about our hobby.”


For organizers of the new network, it’s a matter of long-term survival.

“I think, in order for the hobby to survive, we really do have to come up with a co-ordinated means of communicating to the general public and to people in the hobby, too,” said Fournier. “I think we have to move into the 21st century as a hobby. Collecting is an old, old hobby—and of course we’re collecting coins from all areas—but it doesn’t mean as a group that we can’t move into the 21st century in regards to how we get our information out and communicate with others.”

Although its scope and aspirations are broad, the organization will hone in on specific goals following the seminar.

“It’s a matter of getting people involved and finding new people with new ideas and areas of expertise.”

The inaugural session will be held on Sunday, April 8 at 10:30 a.m. Because some people may be unable to attend this inaugural session, interested individuals are invited to participate online through Facebook Live at, or contact Walsh directly at

“They are very welcome to participate,” said Walsh. “We’re not limiting this to just the Canadian market; we’d love to get input from fellow marketers and writers from across the world.”

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