Hobby marketing, youth collecting seminars at two-day show

By Jeff Fournier

Three hobby seminars will be held at the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show in Mississauga this September.

The first two sessions, to be held Sept. 8, will explore marketing and communications for the 21st-century hobbyist and error coin production. The final session, to be held the following day, will be geared towards engaging young collectors.

Understanding 21st-century marketing and communications can benefit and enhance both the numismatic and philatelic hobby experience as an individual collector, club executive member, professional dealer or promoter.

Long-time writer for Canadian Coin News, former public relations advisor for a large Canadian utility and seasoned collector and hobby communicator Jeff Fournier will highlight modern marketing and communication concepts in this informal, 1.5-hour workshop at the upcoming fall show.

The workshop will encourage open-ended thinking aimed at generating fresh views and novel solutions for improving our hobbies through marketing and communications. Areas explored will include hobby writing, presentation techniques, traditional and social media, print and electronic design and layout, photography and general promotion of the hobby for modern philatelists and numismatists.

Attendees of the two-day show are invited to explore the myriad of marketing and communication tools available to you at this unique workshop and leave fully informed with several handy sheets summarizing all the hints, tips and tricks.


A seminar exploring error coin production, including how the sought-after pieces are produced in the minting process, will also be held Sept. 8 by Henry Nienhuis, president of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association.

An error collector since the early 1970s, Nienhuis is also the president of the Canadian Errors and Varieties Numismatic Association, also known as CEVNA.


Sunday will offer young attendees of the National Postage Stamp and Coin Show a fun way to learn about coin and stamp collecting.

Who has seen a two-headed coin? What about a token, medal or stamp with a dinosaur, ogre or spaceship on it? Did you know some souvenir “money” is made from leather or even rocks, and did you know there are giant coins in Ontario? Would you like to design your own coin or stamp or make your own wooden nickel?

How would you like to see some of this amazing stuff, learn about some neat things and do some cool activities? If you would, then why not come out to the fun, hands-on “Coin and Stamp Kids” workshop on Sept. 9?

At the workshop, attendees will learn a lot while having a fun, immersive hobby experience. I even bet you’ll find out collecting coins and stamps – or being a numismatist or philatelist – is pretty cool.

If you come out to the Coin and Stamp Kids seminar, you’ll leave with some awesome treasures and you’ll learn things not a whole lot of other kids know anything about. What do you think about that?

This 30-minute workshop will also be led by Fournier. He’s been talking to kids and teaching them about collecting for more than 35 years.

This workshop is designed for kids of all ages, but we’ll let parents come along, too, because all of us at CCN think they’ll have just as much fun as the young, soon-to-be collectors. We even think they might learn a thing or two! Come on out and join us for this fun event.


A “Young Collectors” auction organized by Lisa McPherson, national youth co-ordination of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and first vice-president of the Ontario Numismatic Association, will also be returning to the fall show.

The Sept. 9 auction, which is free for children to participate in, will feature at least 25 lots of coin and stamp material thanks to donations from show organizers, dealers and participating hobby associations.

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